Lichtknarre – Das ultimative Lightgun-Tool

Lichtknarre macht dein Traum von Lightgun-Gaming wahr.

Unsere Vision der Anwendung ist es, verschiedene Tracker-Plugins zu haben, in denen viele verschiedene Geräte mit allen möglichen Tracking-Methoden bedient werden. Diese werden dann einem Spieler zugewiesen und über die Connector-Plugins an die Spiele weitergeleitet.

201 Downloads – 32/64 bit – Windows 7 to 10 – Win11 sollte funktionieren. Nicht getestet.

Die Software ist immer noch in der beta Phase.

Wenn du ein Bug gefunden hast kommentiere gerne hier oder sende eine Email.


check changelog (with known bugs), older versions and comming soon:
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Lesen Sie mehr über das Plugin-System

Lightgun Lichtknarre > About the plugin system

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Common Informations about Lichtknarre


26 Kommentare

  • Cedric

    Thank your for providing this great tool.
    However, I am facing some difficulties during the setup on the PC with the help of VJOY, a regular wii bar powered by usb and a regular wii mote. In fact, all controls are recognized, but the up, down, left and right directions are inversed.
    Do you know how to fix this anomaly?

    Thank you!

  • Doug

    Hello. First off this is great and I hope it improves over time. It tracks very well. One thing I’ve noticed is that this application is not optimized for 2160p. If you’re pulling your hair out wondering why the calibration is not full screen, lower your resolution to 1080p while using this. My question is has anyone gotten this to work with house of the dead remake? It really stinks because it works great until the actual gameplay starts and then all I call you can do is shoot and reload. you can only move the cursor in the menu. Once the game starts the crosshair sits dead center and will not move. If anyone has figured this out please share. There is an option in this game to auto reload which is great because there is no off screen firing with this and reaching to hit the A button is pretty lame.

  • Adam

    Any update/help on this comment? I think I’m having the exact same issue.


    17. January 2023 at 16:14
    ok in summary the wiiremote client had to be disabled in dolphin 5. This will be added in the tutorial soon. Because Lichtknarre is a WiiRemote client for real hardware and Dolphin has one as of the latest version. These interfere with each other.”

  • Lukko

    Any chance to get RawInput mouse plugin that works for 2 or more controllers simultaneously? I love this program and it works extremely well with most emulators, but as it currently is, it can’t be used to play 2 player games on PS2 emulator PCSX2 version 1.6.0 with nuvee plugin. The latest PCSX2 doesn’t support two lightguns at same time and 1.6.0 version does with nuvee plugin (it’s a third party plugin that was made to implement proper lightgun support for the emulator). You set the device IDs of your mice devices to it and it separates them so you can use 2 RawInput mouse devices at same time thus making two player games work.

    • Sebastian


      Thanks for the positive feedback. Currently working on such a connector plugin. But it will take some time until this will be released. Unfortunately, developing software in spare time takes a long time, so I think it will come out in 9 months at the earliest. There is already an testbuild which can handle xinput. It hooks into the target application and fakes the input. It does not work with every application atm. But work in progress :).

  • DeepLonE

    I have several types of wii gun cradles and wish to switch them frequently in one game.
    Hope you can add a bottum function to wiimote so that I can swith playerX to player1 with one press.
    Can’t wait to the see coolest thing like this, haha

    • Sebastian

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you like the app. There is a feature in planning to bind buttons to specific functions of connector plugins or general Lichtknarre functions. This will take some time though.

    • Sebastian

      This is of course a good idea for the universal button binding system to provide such a functionality, which can assign specific devices to players.

      • kzhou5818

        Agree! We can just set a hotkey to the „down“ button which under the „Connected Devices“ then the function can be activated. That would be the coolest thing I ever saw. Can’t wait to change my weapon smoothly. Thank you all.

        • Sebastian

          Hello, this will take some time. Its more likely that you can bind mutible devices to one player. But the universal tracker to connector binding system will be able to switch the assignment of devices to players. Thats the plan for implementation. But this will take some time. Atm other goals are in work.

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