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Was geht hier?

Hier erfährst du alle Informationen über die Lichtknarre – Wii 4 LED tracker plugin. Wenn Sie nicht wissen, was Lichtknarre ist, dann schauen Sie hier:

Mit dem Wii 4 LED Tracker Plugin kannst du mit 4 LEDs und der Wii-Fernbedienung mit der Genauigkeit einer Kimme spielen.

Zeigs mir!


  • Muss nur einmal kalibriert werden in der Theorie.
  • Der Benutzer kann sich zu einem gewissen Grad bewegen. Man muss nicht genau in dem Spot stehen wo kalibriert wurde.
  • Wii-Controller können schnell connected werden ohne Windows Menüs.
  • Leicht mit anderen Spielen zu verwenden durch vjoy2- oder mouse-Plugin.
  • Ja du kannst den Wii-Controller rotieren. Es dauert ca 1 Sek bis sich das Programm readjustiert hat. Das ist aber eigentlich kein Problem im Einsatz.
  • Der Benutzer muss nur 1,3-1,5 mal soweit entfernt sein, wie das Display breit ist.

Was muss ich tun um das ganze verwenden zu können?

Folge den Instruktionen hier: und komme wieder für Troubleshoot Informationen.



  1. Update dein Windows! Windows 10 hat einige Bluetooth Updates. Schau hier:
  2. Meine LEDs springen in der Vorschau.
    1. siehe Lösung 1
  3. Der Cursor springt hin und her.
    1. siehe Lösung 1 und 2
  4. Mein Cursor springt in einer Art Raster über den Bildschirm.
    1. Siehe Lösung 3
  5. Der Cursor bewegt sich zu langsam.
    1. Siehe Lösung 4
  6. Wenn ich meinen Nunchuck anschließe stürzt das Programm ab.
    1. Schließe zuerst den Nunchuck an und starte das Programm.
  7. Wenn ich mehr als einen Nunchuck anschließe stürzt das Programm ab.
    1. Dies wird hoffentlich in der nächsten Version gefixt.

Mögliche Lösungen:

  1. Du hast andere Lichtquellen in der Umgebung des Bildschirms.
    Diese müssen eliminiert werden.
    Auch wenn du denkst, dass keine vorhanden sind kann es doch welche durch Reflektionen von anderen Lichquellen aus der Umgebung geben. Auch kann es der Fall sein, dass gestern noch alles funktionierte, aber heute durch das einfallende Sonnenlicht nicht mehr.
    Nachdem diese eliminiert wurden solltest du die Gun neu kalibrieren.

    Hilfsmittel zum auffinden und regulieren von Lichtquellen:
    1. Hierfür kannst du ggf. die Kamera deines Smartphones zur Hilfe nehmen. Dieses kann IR-Lichtquellen sichtbar machen.
    2. Du kannst die IR-Sensitivität einstellen in dem Programm. Da reflektierende Lichter meist dunkler sind können diese ausgeschlossen werden.

  2. Du stehst zu dicht an dem Bildschirm. Die Gun muss einen Abstand von mindestens 1,3-1,5 der Bildschirmbreite haben.
  3. Die wii Kamera hat nur eine Auflösung von 1024×768. Wenn du eine 4K Auflösung eingestellt hast können nicht alle Punkte des Bildschirms erreicht werden. Du solltest von daher auf einer niedrigen Auflösung spielen.
  4. Es könnte sein, dass dein Bluetooth Device zu langsam ist. Checke hierfür die Kompatibilitätslisten der wii-Remote.

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  • For anyone that’s not very good at electronics, you can buy a USB 4 LED IR sensor from Ali Express for around £14
    I’m just trying it now. So far, no major issues.
    Not sure if I’m allowed to post links here. If I am let me know and I’ll give you the link.

    • Sebastian

      As long as it’s not affiliate links and you are not the seller you can do it. The internet laws are complicated, I hope I’m not making a mistake ;-( so it shouldn’t be a commercial one where I create an income for myself or over 3 corners I think. atm this website runs under family law website so I don’t have to post my personal information.

      And thanks for your positive feedback 🙂

  • A

    Hi Sebastian, is it possible to change the led position in the app? I would like to use a 4 IR setup like the samco gun does (two on top and two on buttom). This Setup should work with two sensorbars. The IR building cost is quite high your shoppinglist (80€).

    • Sebastian


      it seems to me that you are talking about the 4 LED tracker for the Wiiremote. The positions for the IRs with an inverted cross pattern is not changeable.

      The 2 LED tracker for the WiiRemote is a little more flexible with the arrangement of the 2 IR-LEDs.

      I hope that answers your question. If something is variable/optional, then it is also in the tutorials.

      About the costs:

      You also use normal 980nm LEDs. I think 980nm is better. You only need high power LEDs for big screens or you have light problems around you. xD I think 980nm is better than i used in this tutorial. If you use normal 980nm LEDs it can quite cheap.

      • A

        Hi, thanks for the response. The cost of the LEDs are no problem. Its more like 15€ for this and 15€ for that etc. I already have one sensorbar and buying another one is very cheap. Plus the samco code for this 4IR is on GitHub. So the setup of my dream would be wiimotes plus samco calibration. I thought it could be added as an update so that you can switch between your pattern and the samco one.

  • Michael

    Sebastian, awesome project, thanks.

    I won’t know how to create the required LEDs, but I’m thinking about if it could be somehow workaround to have the most accurate 4-IR_LED setup system.

    Do you think that if I manage to somehow put 4 different IR LED sensors, the system would work ok? eg, if I put 4 different Wii IR USB bars (and cover one of the ends with opaque insulating tape or similar)?

    Not sure if IR LED bulbs and lamps exist for trying to achieve something similar even if I have to buy the same item a few times (if they exist)

    • Sebastian

      Hi Michael,

      thank you for your comment 🙂

      Are you planning to play on a projector? Then you should use the 4 IR LED Tracker plugin with strong IR LEDs as described in the video. If you are only playing on a standard monitor, then you can also use low current IR LEDs with the 4 LED Tracker plugin.

      I can’t tell you if it works to tape off the LEDs of the WiiBar so that only one side is visible and then arrange them correctly on the monitor. Because I have never done that. Theoretically it could work. But it is actually super easy to build IR LEDs with USB. Best you search for it on youtube. Low power IR 850 nm LEDs are very cheap and you always have old USB cables lying around somewhere. May i should do a new Video with USB solution? If you end up using 4 low power IR LEDs you have to play around with the BAD-LED value till you satisfied 😉 But it should work as you can see here:

      We don’t offer any professional products on this topic, because this is just a hobby site 🙂 Maybe someday someone will make a kit for the infrared LEDs.

      There is a new version coming out very soon which includes a 2 IR LED Tracker plugin that also works with the Wii sensor bar. Of course you have to keep a bigger distance to the screen. Nevertheless it is very accurate with rear sight.

      Ginzu is so kind and currently making a video for it and then the new version will be released together. You can come to the Discord channel to get the test version : . All bugs should be fixed by now. Play with only one sensor bar is also very nice 🙂 And it has also rear sight accuracy.

      If you have more questions let me know 🙂 and also if you managed to make it work 🙂

      • Michael

        Hi Sebastian, not sure why but the site doesn’t allow me to reply on the thread above. It just refreshes the page, so following up to your answer on a new comment.

        Follow up 01 with a few doubts.

        01. High power LEDs
        > 4 IR LED Tracker plugin with strong IR LEDs as described in the video.
        > Low power IR 850 nm LEDs
        Yes, I was planning on using it in both, TV and projector, so better the high power LEDs I think.
        One doubt, in the page for building the LEDs – – mentions 850nm as well (4 x IR 850 nm High Power LEDs ). Not sure if the Low power ones are lower than that?

        What should one look for for those ‚high power LEDs‘? is it a higher nm value than 850 for the High power ones?

        02. 4 LEDs in projector
        Do you by any chance have an idea of how one could stick the 4 LEDs should I be able to make it in the future to the fabric in a projector?
        I couldn’t think of a way to put the bottom one and the 2 on the sides. It seems they would just fall off?

        03. 2 IR LED Tracker
        I would definitely check the 2 IR solution then. Following you and Ginzu to keep updated.

        04. Discord
        Getting an ‚Invite invalid‘ error message when clicking on the link if you can create a new one?
        – This invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join.

    • Sebastian

      Sry needed to update the messages several times 😉

  • Realmof

    Hey there 🙂

    I Love this project❤️ and it works great for me! 😁 Thank you so much for creating this!

    the only issue I’m having is that every time I sync two controllers, the program has a crash and I have to reopen it. is this maybe a windows defender issue? 🤔. either way, everything else works perfect and I’m excited to see this program develop as time goes on, and features on the backlog get implimented🙂

  • GBAGuy007

    Hi, I love your project, I’m using it now and it’s working great where others like it failed. I can’t put into words how much I truly appreciate this project. I would also like to say that while this page was clearly made in German (and no offense, it’s not that fluent in English), I’m a native English speaker and would love to support you by localizing the English part of your site to make it that little bit more welcoming to newcomers as your page grows. Just tell me how I would do that and I’d gladly help.

  • Jerome

    Thank you very much for this project which seems to be well worked.
    I also had the opportunity to test the use of wiimotes with the available library.

    Concerning the use of a single sensor bar while keeping an iron sight, I think you could propose to the user to define the 4 corners of the screen for the configuration. I would be curious to see the result.

    I suggest you to have a quick look at my github which is basically your ideas :
    I can use the wiimote or the vjoy with iron sight too, but I couldn’t simulate rawInputs for some games/emulators. Did you find a solution?
    In my case, I would like to be able to play PCSX2 Time Crisis 2 to 2 players.
    Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need help.


    • Sebastian


      thanks 4 commenting here :-).

      # „Concerning the use of a single sensor bar while keeping an iron sight, I think you could propose to the user to define the 4 corners of the screen for the configuration. I would be curious to see the result.“
      > Yes this is what i planned todo. Messure the distance of the wii sensor bar IRs. Than scale the distances of the calibrated points in ratio to the messured sensorbar IR distance. It can also be assumed that the sensor bar is horizontal. Therefore, one could also calculate the rotation in this way. Atm not 100% sure how it works in detail. But ppl done it already.

      # „I can use the wiimote or the vjoy with iron sight too, but I couldn’t simulate rawInputs for some games/emulators. Did you find a solution?“
      > Atm i tested only these emulators: . ginzu emulation on youtube atm test whole bunch of other emulators with vjoy2 plugin. I hope he will do some tutorial videos soon. I will let you know.

      # „I suggest you to have a quick look at my github which is basically your ideas :“
      > Thanks i will check it out 🙂

      # „In my case, I would like to be able to play PCSX2 Time Crisis 2 to 2 players.“
      > We tested that. Had no luck so far with the nuvee plugin. But the nuvee plugin is opensource i think? ? Maybe someone fork that project and translate that to gamepad that it is feedable by vjoy2 or use other techniques like net communication from Lichtknarre-plugin ( ) to PCSX2-plugin. There are many possible solutions. 🙂 Need to find time for this.

    • Sebastian

      I checked your code. Its not like my software. My Software do not need to see every IR at given time to calc the position. I have also one LED mode, after i saw 2 LEDs. The approach to find out which LED is which is toally different.

      Also im not sure with your code that the wiimotelib gives you the correct IRs for top, left, right, bottom everytime by the same indexes.
      But seems like that cause you use it. But than your software need to see the LEDs all at once to calc position. 🙂

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