Lichtknarre – The ultimate lightgun tool

Lichtknarre makes your dream of light gun gaming come true.

Our vision of the application is to have different tracker plugins where many different devices are served with all possible tracking methods. These are then assigned to a player and forwarded to the games via the connector plugins.

26 Downloads – 32/64 bit – Windows 7 to 10 – Win11 should work but not tested

The software is still in beta status

Feel free to comment if you like it, found a bug or if you have questions. If you want todo me a favor please mark that project as made on instructables.

check changelog (with known bugs), older versions and comming soon:
Use Lichtknarre under these terms:

Connector plugins

All currently available connector plugins:

Read more about the plugin system

Lightgun Lichtknarre > About the plugin system


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