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Whats going on here?

Here you will learn all the information about the Lichtknarre – Wii 2 LED tracker plugin. If you don’t know what Lichtknarre is, then look here:

The Wii 2 LED Tracker Plugin lets you play with 2 LEDs and the Wii remote with the accuracy of a rear sight.

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  • Only needs to be calibrated once in theory.
  • The user can move to a certain degree. It is not necessary to stand exactly in the spot where the calibration was made.
  • Wii controllers can be quickly connected without the need for Windows menus.
  • Easy to use with other games through vjoy2- or mouse-plugin.
  • Yes you can rotate the Wii controller. With no adjustment time. 180° is possible
  • The gun needs to be 2.3 – 2.5 times as far away as the display is wide.

Getting started

Follow this Step by Step Guide:

Come back for troubleshooting.


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