Download/Changelog: Lightgun Lichtknarre wiimote line of sight pc windows


  • Features:
    • Remember device to player
    • Modularize Tracker Plugins
    • Add 2 LED Tracker 
    • Minimize to Tray
    • start minimized
  • Fixes:
    • 4 LED Tracker:
      • When calibrating the IRs, than the angle correction algorythmus also is active. so you need to rotate the wiimote to have the IRs directly in the calibration boxes.
    • Tips of the day crashes
  • known Bugs:
    • 2 Player Tracker Plugin: If you rotate too much to the left, than mousepointer get stuck at the left screen.

    • 4 Player Tracker Plugin: If you have screen offset, than it can lose tracking in some unknown instances.
    • The -TR revision of wiiremotes are not supported atm. Thanks to Nostra for sending me this type of wii remote 🙂
    • On some PCs the lens factor has wrong default value in ini files. The comma is at wrong place. The real value has to be: 2,16 

First time we had a big tester crew! Thanks to all!

  • Featues:
    • 360° rotation. 
    • stabilisation for detected IR
    • non blocking Messages to user in application (like known bugs or update infos)
  • Fixes:
    • Enable/Disable “bad led mode”
  • known Bugs (All known issues will be fixed in next version):
    • When calibrating the IRs, than the angle correction algorythmus also is active. so you need to rotate the wiimote to have the IRs directly in the calibration boxes.
    • When tips of the day is not available in the internet the app crashes. All Apps crashed at 9. Nov 2022 till 14. Nov 2022.
  • Feature: BAD LED Mode!!!!!
  • Feature: seperate “IR-Offset calibration” from “gun calibration”
  • Feature: UI changes
  • disabled on the fly adjustment features which is cause mouse jumps for some people (ratio adjustment feature)
  • some text adjustments
  • Some timing changes to make aiming little bit smoother.

    Works only well with realy bright LEDs. So i rolled back to 0.9.5. Waiting for bad LED mode to apply these settings.
  • Fix: If you move very slow in one direction and back and furth again and again the mouse jumped.
  • negativ IR offset is now possible.
  • adjust time now on 0.8 seconds if you do not move or rotate.


  • Fix: Better IR-Offset calibration. Needs only 2 LEDs instead of 3 LEDs now.
  • Feature: new setting > input per second refresh cutoff (good for mame)
  • Feature: no gun preview when app is not focused. (performence)
  • Improvement: slighty better position calculation.
  • Feature: Better position calculation
  • Feature: IR-Offset calibration
  • Fix: Setup installs runtimes
  • First release

Comming soon

in planning/work:

Bring readjustment time to zero 0%
start with windows0.9.110%
try to get rumble feedback from vjoy2. Emulator sends rumble.0.9.110%
multi mouse support (driver) – will see if that works. 0%
Wii Guncase as 3D print with lens addonno software80%

xinput connector plugin

  • hopefully with rumble feedback
complete dev workflow for other ppl to implement connector/tracker plugins? 
better compatibility with newer wii remotes rev 034? 
rework screen/game offset for tracker plugins? 

device specific calibrations




  • more plugin options:
    • define key for rumble.
    • more rumble types etc.
  • subpixel mouse interpolation:
    • As the Wii has a resolution of 1024×768 only, higher resolutions cannot be used. But if the gun jumps between two pixels the sub-pixel can still be calculated.
  • full nunchuck support
  • led tutorial with 3d printed parts
  • make a plugin with real mouse driver. no feeding mouse position over windows api.
  • auto assign settings for game
  • bring adjustment time to zero
  • option when you hold trigger it rumbles in burst mode
  • emulator rumble feedback over vjoy2 (hope that works :D)
  • Make Arduino based tracker

Let’s see if that works.