Download/Changelog: Lightgun Lichtknarre wiimote line of sight pc windows



  • Fix A Button for vJoy2 (bug from release)
  • Fix ViGem Nunchuck Direction-Button (bug from release)
  • Fix Mouse center only apply in calibration mode (bug from release)


  • ViGem Connector plugin
    • more infos:
  • native rumble feedback from emulators for ViGem/Vjoy-connector-plugins
  • key schemas for connector plugins
  • Select display for mouse connector plugin
  • an option to invert x,y axis for lightgun tracking


  • Performence update
  • show to tray works now
  • start minimized works now
  • rev1: typos in ViGEm Settings (vjoy instead of viGEm)
  • rev2: fixes home button hold for ViGEm connector plugin feature.


  • Make Lichtknarre Dolphin compatible. I think it works so far. Some quircks here and there. Maybe ppl can give me feedback.


  • Windows scaling bugfix (again!)
  • Adjust X,Y is now able to reach every corner.


  • there is now the possibility to configure which connector plugin is switched to when the home button is held for 5 seconds.
  • Commandline tool read here:
  • show scrollbars+fullscreen: for small monitor resolutions ppl now can resize the window an have scrollbars.


  • Bug: Another ini-file loading/saving bug is fixed now. Hopefully ppl do not get problems by these changes. Float values are now fixed with dot format.
  • Text-Changes: Some text changes to improve the experience.
  • Bug: 4-LED-Tracker Offset Wizard had some bugs and can’t be finnished.
  • Offset wizard showed useless debug ir-points.

In between fix because so many people had problems with 2 LED Tracker Lensfactor bug. The effects of the bug were that the lensfactor could not be loaded correctly from the ini file and therefore the cursor was positioned incorrectly for some.
  • Features:
    • Remember device to player
    • Modularize Tracker Plugins
    • Add 2 LED Tracker 
    • Minimize to Tray
    • start minimized
  • Fixes:
    • 4 LED Tracker:
      • When calibrating the IRs, than the angle correction algorythmus also is active. so you need to rotate the wiimote to have the IRs directly in the calibration boxes.
    • Tips of the day crashes
  • known Bugs:
    • 2 Player Tracker Plugin: If you rotate too much to the left, than mousepointer get stuck at the left screen.

    • 4 Player Tracker Plugin: If you have screen offset, than it can lose tracking in some unknown instances.
    • The -TR revision of wiiremotes are not supported atm. Thanks to Nostra for sending me this type of wii remote 🙂
    • On some PCs the lens factor has wrong default value in ini files. The comma is at wrong place. The real value has to be: 2,16 

First time we had a big tester crew! Thanks to all!

  • Featues:
    • 360° rotation. 
    • stabilisation for detected IR
    • non blocking Messages to user in application (like known bugs or update infos)
  • Fixes:
    • Enable/Disable “bad led mode”
  • known Bugs (All known issues will be fixed in next version):
    • When calibrating the IRs, than the angle correction algorythmus also is active. so you need to rotate the wiimote to have the IRs directly in the calibration boxes.
    • When tips of the day is not available in the internet the app crashes. All Apps crashed at 9. Nov 2022 till 14. Nov 2022.
  • Feature: BAD LED Mode!!!!!
  • Feature: seperate “IR-Offset calibration” from “gun calibration”
  • Feature: UI changes
  • disabled on the fly adjustment features which is cause mouse jumps for some people (ratio adjustment feature)
  • some text adjustments
  • Some timing changes to make aiming little bit smoother.

    Works only well with realy bright LEDs. So i rolled back to 0.9.5. Waiting for bad LED mode to apply these settings.
  • Fix: If you move very slow in one direction and back and furth again and again the mouse jumped.
  • negativ IR offset is now possible.
  • adjust time now on 0.8 seconds if you do not move or rotate.


  • Fix: Better IR-Offset calibration. Needs only 2 LEDs instead of 3 LEDs now.
  • Feature: new setting > input per second refresh cutoff (good for mame)
  • Feature: no gun preview when app is not focused. (performence)
  • Improvement: slighty better position calculation.
  • Feature: Better position calculation
  • Feature: IR-Offset calibration
  • Fix: Setup installs runtimes
  • First release

Comming soon

in planning/work:

Bring readjustment time to zero 0%
start with windows0.9.120%
try to get rumble feedback from vjoy2. Emulator sends rumble.0.9.1280%
multi mouse support (driver) – will see if that works. 0%
Wii Guncase as 3D print with lens addonno software80%
complete dev workflow for other ppl to implement connector/tracker plugins? 
better compatibility with newer wii remotes rev 034? 
rework screen/game offset for tracker plugins? 

device specific calibrations – makes multiscreen setup possible




  • more plugin options:
    • define key for rumble.
    • more rumble types etc.
  • subpixel mouse interpolation:
    • As the Wii has a resolution of 1024×768 only, higher resolutions cannot be used. But if the gun jumps between two pixels the sub-pixel can still be calculated.
  • auto assign settings for game. Profilemanager.
  • 4 LED Wii Tracker: bring adjustment time to zero
  • option when you hold trigger it rumbles in burst mode
  • Make Arduino based tracker
  • 2/4 LED Wii Tracker: offscreen reload
  • 4 LED Wii Tracker: Better offset wizard with mouse as constant comparison.
  • Better WordPress FAQ
  • Error analyses with user consens
  • graphic lib with async render
  • node editor to assign tracker capability to connector capabilitys and the other way around with modifier.

Let’s see if that works.

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